The curriculum of the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program at Alfaisal University is designed to systemically provide a solid foundation in the basic sciences on which to build upon, and integrate the pharmaceutical sciences, social/administrative/behavioral sciences, and clinical sciences. Consistent with the College of Medicine at Alfaisal University, the Pharm.D. curriculum uses the "SPICES" curriculum model as a guiding philosophy with these elements: Student-centered/active learning, Problem/practice based, Integrated, Community/systems-based, Electives, and Systematic approaches. In addition, the curriculum incorporates research and interprofessional experiences.

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College of Pharmacy is a new college at Alfaisal University that enrolls graduates from the university preparatory program UPP into a further 5 years of didactic/ experiential courses within Pharm.D. Program. This program will offer the graduate with a degree of; Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), conditioned with successful performance in all courses, including the final advanced pharmacy practice experience APPE rotations in the final year. College of Pharmacy at Alfaisal University will be recognized for excellence in pharmacy education, research and practice with the goal of providing professional,innovative, and evidence-based patient care ..

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Department of Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice is committed to develop excellence in the profession through integration of taught courses, and experiential education.

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The department of pharmaceutical sciences is committed to educate and train pharmacy student in subjects focusing on the design, action, and disposition of drugs.

College of Pharmacy visit to Al-Jazeerah Pharmaceuticals (Hikma)
College of Pharmacy visit to Al-Jazeerah Pharmaceuticals (Hikma): On Wednesday 27th of November 2019, the College of Pharmacy organized a field visit to Al-Jazeerah Pharmaceuticals for third year students as part of their curricular activities. Students were taken in a tour around the company’s pharmaceutical warehouse. Information about storage system and quarantine zone along with the GMP and guidelines that the industry is following were discussed.

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